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Unicorn Cloud Nightlight

€15.50 Price
This unicorn night light placed on a cloud will soften your child's nights or brighten your room with its pretty colors.

Soy lecithin sachet

€0.90 Price
Soy lecithin is a natural emulsifier extracted from soybeans useful for cooking.

Bag of sodium alginate

€0.90 Price

Sodium alginate is useful in the realization of spheres for molecular cuisine. 1 bag of about 2 g.

Bag of agar agar

€0.90 Price
Use agar agar as a natural gelling agent in your culinary preparations.

Super Hero Spoon

€8.90 Price
Take strength by eating with this spoon with a superhero handle!

Minion glass

€7.90 Price
Plastic cup minions, with Bob, Stuart, Kevin, drink original!

Ice glass x 4

€8.90 Price
4 ice shooters: you can throw the glass after you have emptied it!

Llama case

€1.90 Price
With this llama pouch, fly to South America. This multifunction llama bag is perfect for your make-up, children's school, or as a toiletry bag.

T-Rex 3D cardboard

€2.90 Price
Adopt this cardboard dinosaur to make yourself! Assemble the different pieces of the puzzle so that your T-Rex comes to life!

Lucky Clover

€6.90 Price

This lucky clover is the perfect talisman to attract luck.

Egg topper

€14.90 Price
The egg topper is an original utensil that allows you to cut the eggshell clean whatever its cooking. Simple and fast use for guaranteed efficiency!

Star wars scale

€34.90 Price
All children will be delighted to measure themselves with this star wars height rod.

Brain piggy bank

€19.90 Price
Who would get your money from this brain-shaped piggy bank? Person !

Wine thermometer

€4.90 Price
With this wine thermometer, quickly get the temperature of your bottle.

Lips pacifier

€11.50 Price
With this lip teat, give Baby a luscious mouth! An original and fun birth gift idea.

Super BB pacifier

€6.90 Price
You always knew that your baby was a super hero: this "Super BB" pacifier considers him to be justifiably worth it!

3D elephant head made of cardboard

€9.90 Price

Create an elephant head out of cardboard! Assemble the pieces like a puzzle to form the head of the elephant! This 3D elephant cardboard puzzle will give a unique and original style to your home.