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Solar tire gauge

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Tire pressure gauge

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Soy lecithin sachet

€0.90 Price
Soy lecithin is a natural emulsifier extracted from soybeans useful for cooking.

Bag of agar agar

€0.90 Price

Use agar agar as a natural gelling agent in your culinary preparations.

Egg topper

€14.90 Price
The egg topper is an original utensil that allows you to cut the eggshell clean whatever its cooking. Simple and fast use for guaranteed efficiency!

Wine thermometer

€4.90 Price
With this wine thermometer, quickly get the temperature of your bottle.

3D elephant head made of cardboard

€9.90 Price

Create an elephant head out of cardboard! Assemble the pieces like a puzzle to form the head of the elephant! This 3D elephant cardboard puzzle will give a unique and original style to your home.

Plush Heart Pillow

€12.90 Price
Give this beige heart cushion to your loved one. This plush cushion will give softness and warmth to your interior. This fur heart cushion is perfect for lovers, you will have nothing to add!

Sitting unicorn lamp

€8.90 Price
To spend a sweet and magical night, light the unicorn night light sitting in the colors of the rainbow.

LED cube lamp

€19.90 Price
This light cube will decorate your tables and your home by diffusing all the colors of the rainbow!

Angel cookie cutter

€2.90 Price
This cookie cutter allows you to make angel-shaped cuts. Ideal for Christmas for example.