• Fondant
    <p>Sugar pastes to decorate your birthday cakes : red, fucsia, yellow, blue, white, green, etc.</p>
  • Edible flowers
    <p>Decorate your culinary creations! Here you will find real colourful edible dried flowers.</p>
  • Icing pens
    <p>Use these icing stylo to write whatever you want on your pastries! Several colors available on Youdoit!</p>
  • Chocolate pens
    <p>Find the chocolate pen in your favourite colour to decorate your cakes and pastries with the name of the person celebrating their birthday or to make original drawings on your creations. </p>
  • Sugar decorations
    <p>Add a touch of originality to your culinary creations with our sweet decorations.</p>
  • Edible pens
    <p>With these edible pens, color effectively and accurately your pastries to give them a festive touch!</p>
  • Marzipan
    <p>Looking for sweet and creative decorations for your cakes? We have what you need. Discover our choice of almond paste</p>
  • Edible glitter
    <p>Twinkles and golden sparkles are schedulded on the program! With these edible glitter, you can prepare chic and shiny pastry creations</p>
  • Wafer sheets
    <p>Wafer sheets to make the best pastries ever! Prepare with ease succulent nougats or calissons</p>
  • Glaze, icing & frosting
    <p>Ready-to-use pastry preparations for royal icing and mirror glaze, tubes and pens for frosting in all colors: red, gold, chocolate ...</p>
  • Cake toppers
    <p>Create a world around your cake with these permanent or edible decorative subjects: Christmas, Frozen, dinosaurs, ... Find your taste!</p>

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Cake decoration -

Cake decoration

We shall talk a long time about your cakes! Decorate them greedily with our cake design and creative cuisine products