16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks - Purity
  • 16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks - Purity

16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks - Purity

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16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks Purity with soothing flowers aromas Michelia champaca, clove and myrrh.

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The composition of the range of Indian Ayurvedic incense follows the techniques of ayurveda (traditional medicine) and intervenes on the 7 vital centers, the chakras.Purety incense sticks are perfect for the throat chakras (vishudda).

The flower, Michelia champaca, clove and myrrh, is a mixture of spiritually purifying properties, illustrating the Ether element, an incense with sweet and refreshing aromas that will suit your bathrooms perfectly.

Also to be used for meditation or yoga.

Michelia champaca is a flower originating in Tibet whose essential oil is also used in luxury perfumery.

A flower with heady and honeyed accents that combine with spicy clove and myrrh.

The Ayurvedic purity" incense corresponds to the Ether element and the chakra of the throat (speech, communication).

An incense made in Karnataka, India, using the so-called "dry masala bhattis" method, hand-rolled sticks on thin bamboo stems.

Smoke 2/5.

Duration of a stick: 25 minutes.


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