DIY : Hexagonal wall decoration

DIY : Hexagonal wall decoration

We decided to give colours to our offices with a geometric wall decoration. To decorate your walls with a few brush strokes, follow our tutorial! In addition it is practical, we have integrated some hexagons in cork sheets to pin your memos behind your desk.

Material :

 Gray-blue paint chalk

Sea green paint chalk

- Gold paint

Double-sided adhesive

4 cork sheets

- 2 masking tape rolls

- 1 brush

To make this wall decoration:

1. Print our hexagon pattern and assemble it to obtain a hexagon of equal sides. Transfer it to a cardboard and cut it out.

2. Draw your hexagon on the 4 cork sheets and cut them out.

3. Prepare your wall by drawing your hexagons with masking tape on the wall, so you will have equal spacing between all your hexagons.

4. You can now paint. For chalky finish paints, one or two coats of paint will suffice. For gold painting, you may need to apply a few more coats.

5. Leave to dry for 2 hours and then gently remove the masking tape.