DIY: create your loom

DIY: create your loom

Decorate your interior with this pink and black loom!

Discover our tutorial to learn how to weave!


  • My loom kit (including a wooden loom, a shuttle, a comb, a needle, spools of pink, white, black and gray threads) 
  • scissors
  • Big wool 

Steps :

1. Take the white thread which will serve as the chain thread.

2. Tie it at the bottom left of the loom and pull it up to the notch on the right side.

3. Go around the notch and pass the thread through the left notch and so on until you get the desired width.

4. Tie a knot to secure the thread.

5. Wind the pink weft thread on the shuttle lengthwise.

6. Let the thread exceed 10cm before each crossing and pass the shuttle horizontally above then below the chain threads.

7. After each row of threads, tighten the rows firmly with the comb.

8. To change color, weave the new yarn in the same direction as the old one so that it can overlap a few inches.

9. You can add knots with colored threads to add a little fancy.

10. For the last rows, use the plastic needle for weaving.

11. Finally, tie knots by tying threads around the chain threads to tie the bottom of your creation.

12. Detach the weaving from the loom, pass the protruding threads at the back and cut them.

13. Decorate your weaving as you wish: by adding beads, fabric, attaching it with a piece of wood, coarse wool etc.

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