Evening routine

Evening routine

Want to create your own program with an evening routine for your child? If yes, then you might want to have a look at this tutorial.



- A wooden board

- Rubber sheets x 6 – pastel colors

- 18 adhesive magnets 1.9 cm

- 30 mini wooden silhouettes – corals

- 165 white die-cuts – alphabet and numbers

- Wooden garland to decorate – 5 sea animals

- Chalky finish paint pot 118 ml – sea green

- Acrylic paint set – 12 x 12 ml

- Mini glue gun

- Kit 5 universal brushes

- A glass

- Scissors

- Printed fish (optional)




1. Firstly, paint the wooden board with the sea green paint. 

2. Afterwards take the sea animals and paint them as you wish. When the paint is dry attach them with the glue gun to the corners of the board.  

3. With the glass as a guide draw a circle for each task on the rubber sheets and draw a fish by your preference. Paint as well the wooden corals with the acrylic paint set. 

4. Cut the circles out and the fish and with the rest of the rubber sheets cut out the forms to resemble the tasks and details for the fish. 

5. For the headline take the alphabet stickers and stick them on the board. 

6. With the mini glue gun attach the corals to the board. 

7. Now attach the fish with the hot glue and stick the magnets to the board and the task bubbles. 


Now just like that you have created your own board with evening routine for your child. You can just easily attach the finished task and detach them the next day.

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