Cutting auto blade - ScanNCut SDX1000 and 1200
  • Cutting auto blade - ScanNCut SDX1000 and 1200

Cutting auto blade - ScanNCut SDX1000 and 1200


Cutting blade for ScanNCut SDX machine

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The ScanNCut Brother standard SDX (CADXBLD1) self-adjusting cutting blade can cut a wide variety of materials such as fabric, cork, foam and paper up to 3 mm thick! This article is only suitable for ScanNCut SDX1000 and SDX1200. Cutting will be done with several passes if your material requires it. The machine's sensors automatically calculate the thickness of the material and adjust the cutting parameters without any intervention on your part. This blade is for use with the standard cutting blade holder. The Brother ScanNCut SDX 1200 Cutting Machine allows you to cut, sketch or emboss your own designs with its unique scan function! It will be indispensable to you in your creations of creative or professional hobbies. This machine is very quiet, autonomous (no computer or software), revolutionary and versatile is equipped with a built-in scanner. It allows you to do direct cutting or half-cutting with an automatic blade adjustment. It allows to scan to a USB port in 600 DPI, the connection is wireless, you can easily edit your drawings. Convert your embroidery data without worries. Create and edit your designs on the large color touch screen, easily cut, draw or scan. Conversion of your SVG files is no longer necessary. Finally cut out all the materials up to 3 mm thick and 30.5x30.5 cm on a support. The magazine (option) allows you to cut roll stickers without a cutting support to a width of 30.5 cm and a maximum length of 182 cm. It is equipped with a removable strip with a cutting blade to cut at the desired location. The setting of the cutting speed can be done automatically or manually, you can test it beforehand if you wish. This adjustment is done by detecting the thickness of your material that allows the adjustment of the cutting parameters without any intervention on your part. The cutting will be done in several passes if the thickness of your material requires it to obtain a perfect cutting result (felt, cork, foam). The scanner built into your machine allows you to scan anything you want. Feel free to use a drawing made by you, a magazine page, photos, anything is possible. You have 682 built-in patterns and 9 fonts. Use the free CanvasWorkspace software on your computer to create custom patterns to infinity, send them wirelessly or with a USB stick to your ScanNCut machine. Do not forget to save them in the memory. The machine is equipped with a storage space for your accessories. Browse our accessory categories for ScanNCut, stationery (textured), creative materials and haberdashery to discover all the elements necessary for the realization of your project. The Brother SDX1200 comes with a stylus, spatula, pen holder, 6-color pen set, 2 erasable pens, self-adjusting blade, auto-adjustable thin material blade, tissue holder 30.5 x 30.5 cm standard cut, 30.5 x 30.5 cm low adhesion cutter, 2 fusible appliqué sheets, a quick reference guide, a starter guide and a cardboard sample to make a nice box.The instruction manual and the list of reasons is available on the web.


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