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Japanese cast iron Teapot -7 treasures purple + stainless steel straw with filter

Teapots Japanese cast iron are from the traditional crafts of Morioka area + stainless steel straw, a real alternative to the tea ball, easy to clean, suitable for infusions, 15 cm

"The teapot 7 treasures in Japanese cast to its name.

A Japanese-inspired pattern for very modern colors, this teapot will work wonders when serving tea. This teapot with enamel interior finish food comes with a handy stainless steel filter. Usage tips After placing a dose of tea leaves in the filter stainless steel teapot 7 treasures, pour hot water over in order to release all the aromas.

The removable filter system is practical: after use, simply remove it from the pot to empty and wash it. Native country An art of everyday objects of exceptional quality combining modernity and tradition, working the ancient craft of Morioka, northern Japan. Each piece is cast into a stone mold which is broken to release the object.

The teapots are then taken up by hand and then glazed. The aromas of tea 7 treasures is a so-called tea "without memory." The interior enamel prevents the transfer of flavoring teas used, which makes it a perfect teapot for all infusions. Maintenance tips Before first use, fill and then empty the teapot 7 treasures with boiling water, then cold, then wipe with a clean dry cloth.

After use, do not use detergents or abrasive element.

Let dry inside outdoors without rubbing and always wipe the outside with a soft cloth to prevent rusting teapot (cast iron is composed of iron). Capacity: 60 cl.


The stainless steel straw, a real alternative to the tea ball, is easy to clean, and is suitable for all kinds of infusions: teas, herbal teas, flowers, cold or hot.

Dimensions: 15 cm.


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