Teapot for green tea Kyoto
  • Teapot for green tea Kyoto
  • Teapot for green tea Kyoto
  • Teapot for green tea Kyoto
  • Teapot for green tea Kyoto

Teapot for green tea Kyoto


Inspired by the traditional Kyusu Japanese, the teapot Kyoto offers a modern and original

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This type of teapot is indispensable for preparing green teas in a qualitative and traditional way.

It will accompany your Japanese tea breaks.

For a moment of egoism deserved to return from work for example!

The stainless steel filter is supplied with the teapot.

Directions for use: Place your tea leaves in the stainless steel filter and pour over the previously heated water, stopping the level of the water below the pouring spout.

To make the most of the precious leaves of green tea, it takes a short infusion time (1-2 minutes), a moderate water temperature (70-80 ° C) for a large proportion of leaves, and therefore a teapot of Low capacity.

Empty the teapot with each serving in 1 to 3 (small) cups.

On the other hand, you can do 2-3 services.

It is the opposite of a Western infusion, in a teapot of great capacity with a single infusion of 3-6 minutes!

Porcelain of white art with cobalt blue motifs, the Kyoto teapot is handmade by our partner for 10 years in South China, specialist of porcelain.

The alliance of Japanese tradition and Chinese know-how.

The teapot in porcelain Kyoto is a teapot known as "without memory" because its material does not absorb the aromas of different teas.

It will therefore suit all your teas!

Care instructions: Clean the stainless steel filter after each use, avoiding the use of detergent.

As for the inside of the teapot, prefer to clean it with clear water and wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

Composition: Porcelain.

Molding, finishing by hand, enamelling, coloring.

0.25 l.


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Material :
Color :
Type :
Universe :
Brand :
Thés Bios du Monde
Product dimensions :
12 x 10 x 8 cm
Length (cm) :
Height (cm) :
Width (cm) :
Capacity (ml) :

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