16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks - Intuition
  • 16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks - Intuition

16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks - Intuition

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16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks Intuition with soothing aromas of Indian flowers, lemon and geranium.

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The composition of the range of Indian Ayurvedic incense follows the techniques of Ayurveda (traditional medicine) and intervenes on the 7 vital centers, the chakras. Intuition Incense Sticks act on the 3rd Chakra (Ajna). Indian flowers, lemon and geranium come together to promote concentration and balance by acting on inner vision. Ideal to regain concentration and balance. The association of flowers, lemon and geranium develop hesperidated and flowered aromas that promote the activity of the right hemisphere of our brain, that of intuition. The Intuition incense is associated with the chakra of the 3rd eye (Ajna), the seat of our consciousness and our deep identity. This incense is made in India in the state of Karnataka according to the method called Dry masala bhattis". The dry and sticky paste consists of sandalwood and rubber powder and is rolled by hand on a bamboo stick and then dried naturally in warm, dry air. Smoke 2/5. Duration of a stick: 25 minutes.


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