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 Thé vert Bio Sencha
  •  Thé vert Bio Sencha

Organic Sencha Green Tea

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Japanese Sencha Green Tea Bio - Bag of 85 g .

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Often drunk after meals in Japan , Japanese Sencha green tea is rich in vitamin C and promotes digestion and freshens breath. It is better to drink the hours of activities during the day, because it serves as energizing. The diffuse bénéfiquent antioxidants in 2 to 3 hours in the body.

Japan Sencha tea means the first crops. Because it is during the first harvest the young shoots of tea are harvested for processing into Sencha. It is through the youth shoot the Sencha green tea has a subtle taste and soft greenery. Japanese Sencha green tea is derived Florisens orchards Uji (near Kyoto ) , the most famous in Japan terroir.
The young shoots of tea are steamed immediately after harvest and then dried. This method preserves the qualities of tea for more than 2 years .

Preparation : Pour a full teaspoon per cup of 20 cl in the teapot. the water temperature greatly influences the taste of Sencha and can reduce the amount of antioxidants, it is recommended to use water at a lower temperature to bring out the sweetness of Sencha (65-70 ° C) and maintain antioxidants .. Infuse one minute time the leaves rehydrate .
The same tea can be used a second time

Properties : It contains 5 times more vitamin C than lemon in a form that is resistant to heat.
Tannins and saponin contained in this tea promote intestinal transit and caffeine stimulates intellectual activity (intelligence and memory) and the physical tone. These tannins and saponins promote the catabolism of fatty foods , and reduce cholesterol .
Flavonoids contained in this tea have anti bacterial activity for cool breath : a cup of tea after meals is therefore perfectly appropriate and gargles tea are also advised . Fluoride (0.5 mg per cup) is active against caries. This low-calorie beverage is drunk without sugar.

85g / bag

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Data sheet

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Ingredients :
Feuilles de thé vert Sencha*. *Produit issu de l'agriculture biologique
Certificates :
Agriculture biologique AB

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