Chocolate mold 3D Rabbit

Create a giant 3D chocolate rabbit!
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A unicorn all professional chocolate to realize yourself at home!

This mold specially designed to get a superb 3D chocolate unicorn will be perfect for any occasion: Easter, birthday, celebration on the unicorn theme ...

Spat your loved ones, children as adults with a design worthy of a chocolatier!

Adapt the recipe to your tastes: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel and help from our choco pens available in several colors for the details of the unicorn!

The little more: you can choose to fill it with chocolate or to surprise your guests by inserting surprises inside such as our sweet multicolored decorations The kit contains two transparent silhouettes to make the animal in 3D as well as two clips to weld the two imprints once completed.

The molds pass to the freezer and refrigerator, the rigid material allows easy and fast demolding.

Once demolded, let your creativity speak to decorate your rabbit!

The mussels are washable and reusable but do not pass the dishwasher or oven.

ABS material fit for food contact. Size of each imprint: 17.7 x 8 x 2.9 cm.


Data sheet

Occasion :
Material :
Color :
Type :
Chocolate mold
Universe :
Brand :
Product dimensions :
25 x 18 x 5,5 cm
Origin :
Outside EU
Length (cm) :
Height (cm) :
Width (cm) :

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