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Isomalt 500 g
  • Isomalt 500 g

Isomalt 500 g


Sweetener in the form of small balls for his sugar works

This pack contains


The isomalt can create all kinds of decorations for your cooking as the work of sugar allows, with ease.

Sucrose derivative, it is sweeter than half powdered sugar.

It is therefore of a sweetener that degrades much less under the action of heat as could sugar.

Presented in the form of small balls, simply put it to gently heat it melts alone, without need to add liquid .

Your sugar pieces isomalt will keep much longer, keeping their brilliance and strength.

The other major benefit is isomalt is reusable.

If your design does not please you, simply put isomalt heating to re make it malleable.

2 bags of 250 g, 500 g.


Data sheet

Brand :
Ingredients :
Allergens :
nuts, gluten, milk, lupine, eggs, sesame, soy

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