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Japanese Tea Box - Matcha Kukicha Genmaicha Sencha Hojicha Gyokuro


Box containing the 6 most famous high-end teas from Japan.

"This high-end Japanese tea set contains: Japanese tea Hojicha, produced from organic farming and certified by French organic standards, promoting blood circulation.

Rich in vitamin P.

Bag 60 g.

Organic Green Tea Genmaicha: combines Sencha tea leaves with full-blown, roasted rice: this combination gives it a full-bodied and assertive taste.

Sachet 150 g Matcha tea (the tea ceremony): antioxidant, Matcha green tea powder comes from young leaves steamed, dried and sprayed.

Sachet 50 g Japanese green tea Sencha high-end organic from the orchards of Uji, the most famous terroir in Japan.

It provides vitamins C, B1, B2 and B6, promoting digestion.

Sachet 85 g Gyokuro is a high-end tasting tea, rich in taste and virtues, rich in amino acids and healthy nutrients.

Sachet of 50 g Kukicha is a Japanese tea green tea made from Japanese twigs, with hazelnut, woody, amber flavor, hot or cold drinks.

Bag of 120 g "


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